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Manilal Doctor State Secondary School MDSSS

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to see the overall development of the students where their potential and skills are tapped to the utmost; where their personality and character emerge among the masses; where the foundation is set to forge responsible leaders of tomorrow; where their effort is geared towards achieving excellence in any enterprise they undertake; where they become the embodiment of the core values of the institution – integrity, honesty, courage, determination and responsibility



• provide an atmosphere conducive to learning
• provide opportunities for learners to develop their full potential
• promote personality development and character formation through meaningful activities
• foster an attitude of respect for all, tolerance, mutual interaction and unity in diversity
• strive to achieve excellence in both academic and extra-curricular fields
• inculcate universal, moral, human and spiritual values
• develop the sporting spirit to ensure physical fitness and mental alertness
• develop basic life skills such communication, sharing, understanding, leadership, management and problem-solving
• promote the sense of creativity and innovation through art, drama, music, dance, painting, sculpture…
• develop community spirit where stakeholders participate actively in school events while students also take interest in the welfare of others