rector_petit.jpgTo finally have the school website is an achievement which was long awaited.  We are living in the knowledge age where information can be accessed anytime and anywhere.  The school website will act as a platform for sharing information about the school, and may even become a platform for learning in the future.  I hope that it will be used to its full potential by students, Educators and parents.
At Manilal Doctor State Secondary School we believe in equipping our students with the necessary skills and values to face the world of work as well as to integrate society.  In this vein of thought, Travel & Tourism was introduced in Form IV and Lower VI in January 2013, while PE (examinable) is being offered in Form IV and Form V.  With the change of names for the classes at the beginning of this year, namely to Hope, Integrity, Truth and Unity we want to put an emphasis on these values.
Teaching and non-teaching staff work  in close collaboration to offer all necessary support to students as well as an environment conducive to proper learning.  We also have the cooperation of the dynamic team of the Parents Teachers Association to help us in our endeavours.
In terms of infrastructure, our school is one of the few schools possessing both a gymnasium and a lecture theatre.  We have also invested in two e-beams, that is, interactive beams, as well as computers and projectors to support teaching and learning. 
My wish is that students take full opportunity of all the facilities made available to them to reach the highest pinnacle of success.
Best Wishes
S. Mahadowa-Reechaye (Mrs)