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Manilal Doctor State Secondary School MDSSS

Manilal Doctor State Secondary School is situated at Lallmatie. 91 teaching, non-teaching and ancillary staff contribute to the welfare of the 819 students (mainstream and prevocational) who mostly come from neighbouring regions. The girls’ college which started operation in January 1996 with 120 Form I students initially benefited from enrolment of students with very good grades at CPE level and this was reflected in the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate results thus contributing to make the institution earn a good reputation. For the past years, however, it is noted that students enrolled in Form I have poor CPE results as other girls’ state secondary schools found in the region are favoured. Yet, motivated and dedicated educators show their commitment to raise the level of the students’ performance.
The school is run under the aegis of the Ministry of Education & Human Resource and Mrs. Balnath is the rector. Previous acting rectors/rectors who have managed the school are Mr. B. Ramphul (Acting Rector, January 1996- February 1998), Mr. D. Puchooa (February 1998 – October 2002), Mr. Y. Kkoyrutty (Acting Rector, October 2002 – December 2002), Mr. K. Jhumun (December 2002 – January 2010), Mrs. I. Balnath (Jan 2010 – Apr 2012), Mrs. S. Mahadowa-Reechaye (May 2012 to date)
The school comprises 4 blocks and has the following amenities:
1 staff room
33 classrooms
2 Biology laboratories
2 Chemistry laboratories
2 Physics laboratories
1 Integrated Science laboratory
2 Computer laboratories
2 Art rooms
2 Demonstration rooms
1 Music/Dance room
4 Home Economics rooms
2 kitchens
1 library
1 gymnasium
1 lecture theatre
1 canteen
1 mess
4 stores
6 toilet blocks
1 volleyball pitch
1 basketball pitch
1 table tennis table
School Ethos
Manilal Doctor State Secondary School has its own set of values and principles that guides the school and all its stakeholders. The prevailing learning culture favours the holistic development of the students.
Our vision is to see the overall development of the students where their potential and skills are tapped to the utmost; where their personality and character emerge among the masses; where the foundation is set to forge responsible leaders of tomorrow; where their effort is geared towards achieving excellence in any enterprise they undertake; where they become the embodiment of the core values of the institution – integrity, honesty, courage, determination and responsibility.
·         provide an atmosphere conducive to learning
·         provide opportunities for learners to develop their full potential
·         promote personality development and character formation through meaningful activities
·         foster an attitude of respect for all, tolerance, mutual interaction and unity in diversity
·         strive to achieve excellence in both academic and extra-curricular fields
·         inculcate universal, moral, human and spiritual values
·         develop the sporting spirit to ensure physical fitness and mental alertness
·         develop basic life skills such communication, sharing, understanding, leadership, management and problem-solving
·         promote the sense of creativity and innovation through art, drama, music, dance, painting, sculpture…
·         develop community spirit where stakeholders participate actively in school events while students also take interest in the welfare of others
Our motto              : Knowledge the eternal quest
Our aim                   : To prepare students to play their roles and make a positive contribution in the ever changing society.
In comparison with last year’s results, this year the percentage for SC is on the decline whereas a slight increase is noted for HSC. A SWOT analysis attempts to explain the context for learning at Manilal Doctor SSS.
·         Well-maintained building
·         Spacious classrooms
·         Audio visual facilities
·          Qualified educators
·          Post Graduate Certificate in Education holders
·          Willingness of educators to help students increase their performance
·         Poor intake at CPE level
·         Most students are slow learners thus it is more challenging for educators
·         Lack of punctuality among students.  High rate of absenteeism.
·         No common tests during 1st and 2nd terms
·         Lack of parental involvement in the learning process
·         Passive students/ Lack of motivation
·         Well-furnished school library with about 14 000 books
·         Availability of internet facilities in the library
·         Optimum use of the school assembly and form period
·         Disciplinary/ Pedagogical/ Pastoral Care committee have active and committed members
·         A few teachers carry remedial classes during Activity periods to help slow learners
·         PTA shows willingness to cooperate and help; provides financial support
·         Investment in ICT equipment (projectors)
·         Different clubs have been set
o   Members of Benevolent Club participated in ‘Anou Bouze’ twice
o   Members of NYAA Club have completed their 1st level and will be awarded Bronze medals and certificates in April 2012; Teachers who were actively involved will receive certificates of participation as well.
o   Extracurricular activities help students to discover/enhance their skills and contribute to make them better citizens
·         Conditional promotion.  It becomes practically impossible once pupils have bought their books and have worked for one term to have them demoted.
·         Specific choice of subjects becomes a reason for asking for transfer (good candidates leave MDSSS to go to private colleges)
·         Supply teachers are not answerable, thus there is no accountability
·         No appropriate effective punishment
·         Students reiterate their rights but overlook their duties
·         Disciplinary Committee cannot fully exercise their duties
 Strategies to Remedy the Situation
·         Use the PTA as a platform to create an awareness among parents about the importance of being involved in the learning process of their daughters
·         Organise Open Days where parents can meet teachers to discuss about students’ performance and provide suggestions to improve performance
·         Encourage parents to communicate with their daughters
·         Students who have scored only 2, 3 or 4 credits at Form V are advised to sit for the SC exams again in order to have a full SC certificate. Heads of Department to hold a meeting with Lower VI students to motivate them.
·         Common tests to be done under exams conditions for standardization purposes
·         Marks to be computerized.
·         Report books for students of Form I to Form III will be handed over to parents at the beginning of each term so as to encourage parents’ participation in their ward’s academic performance. Special emphasis will be placed on Form III students who will be taking their National Examinations.